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Welcome. If you are here, then more than likely it means you were invited. What is a blog you say? Well, it's a type of website run a bit like a news letter. I can edit and add things as often as I like. So in a way it's a journal online. I created this just to share with our family and friends across the miles. Check back often and add comments when you feel so compelled. Most of the photos are of Emily, but if you look often enough, you will catch the occasional one of Tony and I.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Frog Lake

While Gogo is visiting, we are taking several trips to show her around our area. Emily and I took her to Mt Hood today, and we visited Frog Lake. The tadpoles (polywogs?) were in full swing and Gogo was as thrilled as Emily catching small toads and walking around the area.

The wind made it very cold for her, but it died down and got quite comfortable after a while. Here are some photos to share.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Beaverton Farmer's Market

Today we took Gogo to the Beaverton Farmers market and the local library to show her around and get out of the house. Here's a few shots, I was starting to get a bit more comfortable with my new camera, but mostly just snapping away still... The last one is from home, Emily read her books to Gogo.

Slippin' and a slidin'

With the recent purchase of a new camera for me, Tony has started using my older one. Here are some great shots he got of Emily on her brand new slip and slide in our backyard.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Zoo Trip

Armed with a brand new camera and lens in hand, no knowledge of how to really use it, (OK a tiny little bit maybe, but talk about intimidating!) and a perfect day, Mom, Grandma, and Emily went off to explore the zoo. Here are some photos from the day....

Happy Birthday Part 1

We celebrated with the Grandparents on Emily's actual birthday. We had dinner at PB & Ellie's, presents, and cake and ice cream.

Her "kids" party with all her friends is on Sunday, more to come.....

Thursday, June 21, 2007

A walk in the park with Gogo

We are fortunate enough to have Gogo (grandmother in Zulu) with us for a whole month, visiting from South Africa! Today we took a walk around a local park, and went to the ice cream parlor afterward, here are a few shots from our afternoon.

Oh, and today happens to be Emily's 6th birthday! More fun photos to share soon of our family get together tonight, and her full-on birthday party this Sunday.


SO the big day has come and gone and so marks a milestone in Emily's life.... She had kindergarten graduation on the 14th of June! Mom was much to emotional to take clever photos, so I just snapped away, here's a few to show..... It was so hot outside and we really had bad seats as far as having a good angle for photography!

More spring photos

We are so very much enjoying the nice spring weather, Emily really enjoys playing outside. Here she is posing like a princess by the bird bath, and showing me how well she can balance something on her head and still walk. It is rare that she "asks" me to take photos, these she practically begged me to, usually she sees the camera and turns her back, hence why I have so many photos of her walking away :)

Sprinkler fun

With the recent weather being sunny and warm, Emily has discovered the sprinklers this year and loves to run and play in them. These photos were taken over a couple different days....

beach excursion

Hello everyone, this summer finds us very busy, with me launching my own business and the family doing as much as they can with our free time, I haven't kept up here, so sorry!

Here's some new photos... this set is from Cape Lookout, we yurt camped for a few days.