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Friday, November 30, 2007

Making herself at home already

Here's a couple new shots. Summer is making her self at home now. Emily just loves her, she told me a few short hours after she came home with us, that Summer was her favorite, and she wants her to be her dog only, Did I write that in the last post already? So the next day she only wants Chase on her lap, and today she tells me she loves them both the bestest ever, and she thanks me for getting two dogs for HER, lmao. Anyway.... We love the dog park, love snuggling on the couch at night, (yep that's a sight to see, Millie and I and 2 dogs on top) and both dogs love each other already. Chase has really calmed down since Summer's arrival. She (Chase) even walks beside me now without running away, I think she is on her best behavior!

I took her to the animal shelter to have her microchip scanned, and they gave me the company's 800 number, when I called they said they could not give me any info that the last registered owner had the number marked do not disclose.

I called the Oregon Humane society, and they said she had been adopted out of their shelter in Troutdale in November of 2006, and gave me the info from her last registered owner. It said her name was Mia, that she was born Jan 2006 which makes her not even 2 yet, she was a registered German Shorthair Pointer, and said she was born in Vancouver Washington. I also got the owner's name, phone number and address from them, so much for privacy! We tried to contact the person, and so far, no return calls, crossing our fingers on that one, we have 30 days before we can transfer her chip number to our name.

It makes me crazy, because we have the Vet papers from who we got her from and the info is not the same, makes me wonder which is true? Why would their vet have different info from the same chip? Weird to say the least. I'm not really worried, we still love her.

Anyway, she's wonderful! And an early Christmas present to the family. It's funny how 2 dogs made things easier. They are great company for each other, share everything without problems, and are great with us, what else could we ask for?


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