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Thursday, November 01, 2007


Oftentimes people have such high expectations of a "photo shoot" that they forget when things go bad to just keep shooting. These are the true moments that make up our lives. Some of my most cherished images are "melt down" photos. Perhaps just because they are not the usual 8x10 glossy smiles. Too many times we put down the camera trying to make everything all better and get those smiles back on those faces.

Well as last night would have it, these may very well go down in the history books as fuel for blackmail later, at the very least, that slide show during the reception on her wedding day!

Miss Mille absolutely did NOT want to pose in her Halloween costume before the festivities because "Evil" Mom made her wear a truly, ugly, terrible, jacket under her gorgeous ballroom gown, therefore ruining the entire effect, rendering it useless and conjuring up a complete and total meltdown.

Rest assured, peace was made, and all things went wonderfully in the end! I thought I would share the "moment" with you all, it really doesn't happen all that often when I think about it.

Can you believe this is the same kid?


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