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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A special day!

Last night was THE night. Emily's long awaited first loose tooth finally fell out. She was so excited! Here's the story as it unfolded:

Emily came to me and said "Mommy, look" then proceeded to pull her loose tooth forward. As I watched I was sure it would pop out right then. I told her "Emily, it's completely out of the jaw! It's just barely there hanging on by the skin of your front gums! There is a HOLE under where it should be"

Immediately she covered her mouth with her hand and started shaking her head, no no no, nooooooooo she said.

It took about 30 seconds, and this look comes over her face. She says, "hmmm, Mommy, maybe if I twist it, it will fall out." I answered, "maybe", and gave a smile because I truly didn't think she would go for the twist.

I looked away for just a second and I hear Emily say quietly "Wow, it DID fall out!" I honestly thought she was kidding me until I look over and there is a gaping hole in her bottom row of teeth and she is staring at the palm of her hand and her new found prize.

After this, she bounced around the house, showed Daddy, let Mom take photos, and called Grandma Judy..... A very proud moment, as she brought out her tooth fairy teddy bear and we placed the tooth inside for the fairy to find it.

I warned her that it was so late already (10:30 PM, like why was she still up?), that the tooth fairy might not know it happened until the next night, she said, "that's fine", and went to sleep.

This morning upon awaking, she rose to find, a brand new, shiny gold dollar coin in place of the tooth! Woo hoo she exclaimed, all smiles with gaps now.... This resolving the question, "what will the tooth fairy leave me, I hope it's a my little pony"


At 9:13 AM, Anonymous Joy said...

Hahaha. No pony then? Can you still remember when you first lost a tooth? It's such a nice tradition - the tooth fairy and all. Especially the gold coins. In the Philippines, you lose a tooth, you lose a tooth. All you get is a permanent replacement that looks too big for your mouth. :-)

So is she looking forward to the next one?

The Goddess In You

At 11:52 AM, Blogger Rising Rainbow said...

I remember those days. It sounds like she handled it well. I had one who was sure she might die because her tooth fell out. lol


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