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Welcome. If you are here, then more than likely it means you were invited. What is a blog you say? Well, it's a type of website run a bit like a news letter. I can edit and add things as often as I like. So in a way it's a journal online. I created this just to share with our family and friends across the miles. Check back often and add comments when you feel so compelled. Most of the photos are of Emily, but if you look often enough, you will catch the occasional one of Tony and I.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Faithful Readers

Hello, it's been a while since my last post. Let's see, catch up. OK, went to the air show on Sept 11th. It was fantastic, except for the fact my camera died on me mid-show... So no photos for a spell until I get it all fixed again. It's taking photos again, but not like it should be, so I think I need to send it in for a service.

So Emily is back in school and doing well. I went back to work on the 12th, and it's good. I even got a new computer there and a raise this year, woo hoo! It's been hectic getting back in to the routine of things though. Here's my morning. Get up at 5:10, get showered, dressed and ready, get Emily up, get her ready and eat breakfast, then off out of the house by 6:30. Take her to school, go to work, get off work, pick her up, play one hour, put her in the tub while I make dinner, eat, read to her or short play, get her off to bed then I crash myself. By this time It's 8 or 9 PM already. Whew..... 5 days a week, OK so I have been completely spoiled with the summer off, I know. It takes a couple of weeks to get used to it, then it goes smoothly again.

I guess all of this is an explination as to why there are not many posts here lately! Let alone why all my friends haven't heard a peep from me either. A couple more weeks and I will feel human again and come out of hiding I am sure, this happens every Fall.

OK, check back soon, I will try to get some photos up soon! ~Cyndie


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